The Real BNP

The fascist British National ‘Party’ ‘candidate’ for Romford has been filmed beating up Asian youths in the street after taunting them as ‘robbers’ and threatening them. Boots and fists are the reality behind the lies of the BNP’s absurd fiction of ‘voluntary repatriation’ — you can’t really dignify it with the word ‘policy’.

The lads bravely stood up against the fascists despite being outnumbered. BNP members had been attempting to stir up racist hatred and division in East London before the 6 May general election. Führer Nick Griffin was chased away by locals wielding soft fruits who made it clear that fascist scum are not welcome on their streets.

International Women’s Day At Yarl’s Wood

8 March is International Women’s Day. In the Yarl’s Wood ‘Immigration Removal Centre’ concentration camp, women are in the fifth week of a hunger strike over arbitrary detention and imprisonment without trial, routine violence and abuse by racist thug ‘guards’, separation of mothers and children, denial of medical treatment and legal representation (there is a full list of their demands here.

Hunger strikers have been assaulted by guards and Denise McNeil, Aminata Camara, Sheree Wilson, Shellyann Stupart, Gladys Obiyan (designated as ‘ring-leaders’) have been detained in isolation in Bronzefield and Holloway prisons, again without being charged of any crime or being remanded in custody by a judge — their detention is purely administrative and on the say-so of bureaucrats in the UKBA.

The Yarl’s Wood Five and all others who have committed no crime must be released from detention immediately.

Close the detention centres! Stop the deportations!

What You Can do to Help:

The detained women are asking you to email/fax/phone/write to: Rt. Hon Alan Johnson, MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office, requesting that Denise, Aminata, Sheree, Shellyann, and Gladys, are returned to Yarl’s Wood immediately or released into the community.

Download model <Yarl’s Wood Five.doc>, which you can copy/amend/write your own version, there are no Home Office reference numbers available as the women were moved from Yarl’s Wood, without their belongings.

Rt. Hon Alan Johnson, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office
3rd Floor, Peel Buildings
2 Marsham St
London SW1 4DF
Telephone: 020 7035 0195
Fax: 0870 336 9034

Please let the campaign know of faxes/emails sent:

Please keep sending Solidarity messages

The Blood-soaked Hands Of Phil Woolas And UKBA

Three people have died after throwing themselves from the fifteenth floor of one of Glasgow’s Red Road tower blocks. When news of this tragedy first emerged yesterday, the first question was ‘does this have something to do with UK Border Agency and the Minister of State for Concentration Camps and Anti-Immigration, Phil Woolas?’ (the Red Road flats are scheduled for demolition and many of the otherwise unoccupied flats are currently used to house destitute refugees and asylum seekers). Unsurprisingly the answer is ‘yes’. ‘Unofficial’ reports leaked to the press indicated that the deceased were Kosovan nationals who had been refused leave to remain in the UK and were scheduled for ‘removal’. They are ‘removed’ now, Minister. A day’s work of which you and your department colleagues can be truly proud.

Immigration controls exist to protect the lords of Capital from the importunities of those whose wealth imperialism has expropriated. Controls are implicitly racist and unfair — not least because their roots lie in fascist agitation against Jews, Africans and Asians. New Labour and the Tories are entirely committed to Fortress Europe and its network of dehumanising concentration camps, and ‘removal’ centres, where people are declared ‘illegal’ ie ‘un-human’ by virtue of their skin colour and passport and deported to persecution, torture and murder; frequently by governments propped up by ‘the West’. This is all on the pretext that there are “not enough” jobs or houses to go around, as if there a fixed number of jobs or houses or schools. All the while the richest 1% of the world’s population grow ever richer (the wealth must be coming from somewhere) and food production and consumption and waste increase while half the world starves.

No to all immigration control legislation! No to immigration controls! Equal and full employment rights for all!

SDL Degenerates Into Paranoia

After Saturday’s successful antifascist action on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the so-called ‘Scottish Defence League’ has degenerated into paranoia and back-biting. According to reports they have closed their Facebook and Bebo — Bebo! — sites and from now on will only accept members who are personally vouched for by at least two active fascists, while the location of future meetings will only be revealed to specially vetted members. A section of the SDL membership are convinced that ‘spies’ within their shambolic organisation fed information about their whereabouts on Saturday to antifascists and the police. They display an (even for fascists) shocking lack of self-awareness — specifically that groups of skinhead racist thugs don’t blend into the Scottish ‘scenery’ in any context except an Orange Order ‘walk’ or the supporters of certain football clubs.

The fascist SDL is in disarray — its ability to organise has been severely degraded. The tactic of confrontation not accomodation has been vindicated yet again.

Who Protects The Nazis? The Police Protect The Nazis!

Today nearly a thousand police were deployed on the streets of Edinburgh to protect the racists, football hooligans and nazi scum of the so-called ‘Scottish Defence League’. Hundreds of police were brought into the city from around Scotland and Northeast England to act as hired muscle for rascist, fascist thugs, while thousands of antifascists staged counter-demonstrations around the city.

On the Royal Mile, over 100 police, including helicopters, police intelligence units and camera crews — are you putting that on YouTube pal? — formed four lines across the road either side of Jenny Ha’s pub where fascists were meeting. A Dutch observer shook his head and said ‘this country is gone, this country and America — fucked. They don’t allow fascists to do this sort of thing in civilised countries’.

Behaving in a predictably bone-headed and heavy-handed manner, police kettled hundreds of antifascist demonstrators and local residents for hours, with residents being prevented from entering or leaving, and shop-workers also kept from going to their jobs inside the cordon. Attempts to negotiate their passage through the cordon by neighbours, relatives and colleagues were rebuffed by police. Meanwhile the police personally escorted individual nazis to and from Jenny Ha’s pub through antifascist lines. Starting at two o’clock, SDL members were bused away from the area on chartered public buses under heavy police escort.

While most of the fascists scurried away back to their rat-holes, a few of the criminal scum were brave enough to show their faces on the street, whereupon they set about tearing up placards and attempting to intimidate demonstrators — obviously trying to start fights. The police looked on and did nothing to stop them. Racists are a protected species in Edinburgh. Next time they are called out to pick up the pieces of an Asian or Polish kid murdered by racist thugs, police can reflect upon their contribution to a ‘job well done’.

For a supposedly simple ‘public order’ policing operation, on which the police claimed to be doing nothing more than standing between two opposing groups, there were a great many officers engaged in ‘intelligence gathering’ — photographing and filming antifascists. Police were not observed filming the nazis.

Whose streets? Our streets! The SDL know they can’t come back to Edinburgh without an escort from a thousand of their mates in Lothian and Borders Police.