Prospects For Greece

Socialist Appeal assesses the crisis in Greece.

The Greek workers are clearly not prepared to pay for the crisis of capitalism. According to an opinion poll by Mega, a private Greek television channel, more than 70 per cent of those questioned said they were against the government’s decision to seek help from the IMF.

In another opinion poll published on Sunday it was revealed that 68% of the people are not prepared to accept “sacrifices”, while only 31% were prepared to make some degree of sacrifice. Just one month ago the figures were the opposite, with only 30% refusing outright any sacrifices and about 68% prepared to make some. One interesting, and not unimportant detail was the fact that 80% of the population is predicting social unrest in the next few months.


An interesting point revealed by the polls is that 60% of the people believe that what is required is a new party. When asked “What kind of party?” the response was either a “genuine” Left or a Social Democratic party. This shows that the swing in society is to the left and not the right. It shows that while there is a desire for radical change, the workers do not find an expression for this in the leaders of the workers’ parties.