The Blood-soaked Hands Of Phil Woolas And UKBA

Three people have died after throwing themselves from the fifteenth floor of one of Glasgow’s Red Road tower blocks. When news of this tragedy first emerged yesterday, the first question was ‘does this have something to do with UK Border Agency and the Minister of State for Concentration Camps and Anti-Immigration, Phil Woolas?’ (the Red Road flats are scheduled for demolition and many of the otherwise unoccupied flats are currently used to house destitute refugees and asylum seekers). Unsurprisingly the answer is ‘yes’. ‘Unofficial’ reports leaked to the press indicated that the deceased were Kosovan nationals who had been refused leave to remain in the UK and were scheduled for ‘removal’. They are ‘removed’ now, Minister. A day’s work of which you and your department colleagues can be truly proud.

Immigration controls exist to protect the lords of Capital from the importunities of those whose wealth imperialism has expropriated. Controls are implicitly racist and unfair — not least because their roots lie in fascist agitation against Jews, Africans and Asians. New Labour and the Tories are entirely committed to Fortress Europe and its network of dehumanising concentration camps, and ‘removal’ centres, where people are declared ‘illegal’ ie ‘un-human’ by virtue of their skin colour and passport and deported to persecution, torture and murder; frequently by governments propped up by ‘the West’. This is all on the pretext that there are “not enough” jobs or houses to go around, as if there a fixed number of jobs or houses or schools. All the while the richest 1% of the world’s population grow ever richer (the wealth must be coming from somewhere) and food production and consumption and waste increase while half the world starves.

No to all immigration control legislation! No to immigration controls! Equal and full employment rights for all!