SDL Degenerates Into Paranoia

After Saturday’s successful antifascist action on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the so-called ‘Scottish Defence League’ has degenerated into paranoia and back-biting. According to reports they have closed their Facebook and Bebo — Bebo! — sites and from now on will only accept members who are personally vouched for by at least two active fascists, while the location of future meetings will only be revealed to specially vetted members. A section of the SDL membership are convinced that ‘spies’ within their shambolic organisation fed information about their whereabouts on Saturday to antifascists and the police. They display an (even for fascists) shocking lack of self-awareness — specifically that groups of skinhead racist thugs don’t blend into the Scottish ‘scenery’ in any context except an Orange Order ‘walk’ or the supporters of certain football clubs.

The fascist SDL is in disarray — its ability to organise has been severely degraded. The tactic of confrontation not accomodation has been vindicated yet again.