PRC ‘Solidarity’

Xinhua, the official organ of the nominally ‘Marxist’ People’s Republic of China (PRC) has published an article about the race riots in Calabria which calls migrant workers a ‘burden’ and further implies that they are responsible for crime in Italian cities. This is the Chinese Communist Party’s current line on worker solidarity.

Only naive fools and slippery opportunists actually contend that the PRC is ‘Marxist’ or ‘socialist’ in any sense. The PRC was a particularly grotesque deformed workers’ state at its inception and it has evolved into a capitalist military-industrial complex, with a few trappings of ‘Marxism-Leninism’. China is engaged in imperial adventures of its own in Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe and elsewhere, supplying weapons to brutal dictators and warlords and exploiting cheap sweatshop labour in exchange for oil and natural resources; while in China, the state security apparatus relentlessly harasses Africans students and workers. The image of Africans as burdensome criminals serves the Chinese Communist Party’s imperialist agenda, which differs only in detail from the British, French, Portuguese, Belgians and others that went before them. As the Americans like to say: Get some!