Sri Lankan Executions

Britain’s Channel4 News has broadcast video obtained from Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka. The shocking footage shows what appears to be Sri Lankan government forces summarily executing bound, blindfolded and naked Tamil prisoners near Kilinochchi. There are many more bodies lying around, all of whom look to have been shot in the head. JDSL say that the video was taken in January, in the ‘conflict zone’ from which the international media was excluded by the Sri Lankan government. The murders were carried out well out of sight of what one apologist derided as ‘queasy neo-pacifism and defeatism’ of ‘surrender monkeys .. human rights lawyers, NGOs and the media’.

The Sri Lankan government, which has imprisoned 300,000 Tamils behind razor wire in squalid concentration camps since the ‘end’ of the conflict, has issued a rote denial.