The Efficacy Of Topical Application Of Eggs To The Facial Epidermis

The various arse-sniffers from Leftist Trainspotters and similar forums (someone does check our referrer stats occasionally) have provided much — presumably unintended — amusement, showing just how far down the garden path of wrong, totally wrong and completely wrong, paranoia and the conspiratorial mindset of an enclosed, sectarian environment will lead the unwary and the gullible. Canada? WTF? No. Although why Canadians deserve such sneering condescension is another question. A deleted Wikipedia article which bears all the hallmarks of a windup? Wikipedia? Wikipedia? We cannot decide whether that is funny, sad, or a newly discovered work by René Magritte. The Labour Party? Insofar as campaigns for ‘new workers’ parties’ are, for the moment, doomed to failure, and talk of imminent revolutionary upsurges is, sadly, delusional — yes. The arse-sniffers are a perfectly constituted microcosm of the aquarium of irrelevance in which those who claim for themselves the mantle of revolutionary socialism swim, and will continue to swim for the forseeable future. There are some who say the egg is good for your complexion, but that is nothing but pseudoscientific tripe.